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Yanmar 4TNV98T engine
Yanmar 4TNV98T engine

Yanmar 4TNV98T or 4TNV98C engine for Mustang Tier 4 2100RT & 1750RT skid steer for sale

Brand Name:Yanmar

Engine Name :Yanmar 4TNV98

Engine Model :Yanmar 4TNV98T

Engine Size :3.3

Yanmar 4TNV98T/3.3

We sell new & rebuilt Yanmar 4TNV98T & 4TNV98C engines for Mustang 2100RT NXT & 1750RT Tier 4 models. Yanmar 4TNV98T Tier 4 engines for sale have a DPF and after-treatment for stricter Tier 4 emissions. This 4TNV98T engine has 72hp of net power @ 2500 rpm.